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If you surrender to the wind, you can ride it.

Fly More!

Ever wanted to FLY?

Conventional aircraft can cost tens of thousands of dollars to own and operate a single engine prop aircraft. Normally people that want to fly get scared away because the cost is just to hard to justify.
Powered Paragliding is a very low cost alternative to conventional aircraft. Call us and find out why...

What are you waiting for?

Now is the time to fulfill your dream of flight. Cost is no longer an excuse to not fly. You've dreamed of it.... Now do it!
You arn't getting any younger. The dream of flight is just around the corner. Call us today. We can make that dream of flight a reality.

Powered Paraglider Trikes

WE ONLY SELL THE VERY BEST Powered Paragliding Equipment. Trikes areĀ  our speciality. We offer Fresh Breeze and Air Design PPG Trike Products.

PPG Trike Training

Training is the key to your flying success. We want to get you safely into the air so our prices are very competitive. Why not take advantage of a small training price that offers BIG returns.

Spare Parts and Accessories

Without access to spare parts and accessories your flying experience might be grounded. Give us a call and we will do our best to get the parts you need to you right away.

Powered Paragliding

The most Awesome Experience of your LIFE!

Fly! For about the same cost of a motorcycle!!
No License Required
  1. Get The BEST!!!
    Powered Paragliding has never been better. A Very safe way to fly for a very low cost compared to conventional aircraft.
American Powered Paragliders, LLC